Why the GOP Fought So Hard Against CNN, NBC Hillary Clinton Projects


Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus declared a “major victory” against the mainstream media after CNN and NBC canceled their planned Hillary Clinton projects, but he also gave a reminder of why he so fiercely fought against the documentary and miniseries.

Not only was the RNC campaign against the CNN documentary and NBC miniseries a good way to appeal to base conservatives and raise money, particularly with a potential Clinton presidential candidacy on the horizon, it also gave party officials a means to help rein in what many consider to be an unruly debate process. After the projects were announced, the RNC voted to ban the two networks from sponsorship of presidential debates, exerting early pressure on state party officials and networks who may have their own plans for co-sponsoring such events in the 2016 cycle.

CNN and NBC announced on Monday that they were dropping plans for the Clinton…

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