Why Are So Many Super Bowl Commercials Released Before The Game?

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – You can’t have the Super Bowl without the commercials and, once again, corporate America is investing millions of dollars to capture 30 seconds of your attention.

So why do so many companies now release their ads before the game?

“On one level that seems counterintuitive. Isn’t the whole point that you’re surprised and you’re all talking about it. You’re seeing the stuff for the first time. And that’s true,” Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University, told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“But now, there is so much more economic efficiency in putting these ads up, which means you can often have tens of millions of people have seen an ad before you even get to the Super Bowl itself. Then it plays on the Super Bowl to 110 million people and then a bunch of people see it on the “best of” collections on…

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True Art Should Be About the Music, Not the Brand


Is it only about getting paid?

That’s what the business people in the music industry want. They’re envious of their rich friends, they want to maintain their lifestyles, and the only entities that can give them this kind of money are corporations.

But corporations are antithetical to art. Hell, they’re antithetical to truth — which is what makes good art and good media. But while news is not a popularity contest, music ultimately is, assuming you want to make a living from it. The question becomes who bands are playing to, the audience or the brands?

Even radio, the most powerful gatekeeper and beholden to advertisers, knows that the listener comes first; it’s got to play what people want to hear. And acts pledge fealty to their fans. But the truth is, everybody in the music business is dying to get paid.

So where does the corporate money — the…

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Tina Fey: Cosby Jokes Are Fair Game At Golden Globes



No one will be immune to Tina Fey’s sharp social criticism when she and Amy Poehler host Sunday night’s Golden Globes — not even Bill Cosby.

When Access Hollywood asked Fey whether jokes about Cosby, who has made headlines recently as allegations of rape mount against him, would be fair game, Fey answered with a resounding, “Oh heck yes!”

Fey appeared at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour to promote her new Netflix series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

Fey, though, wanted to be clear that she and Poehler never intend to be malicious when they host. “Amy and I have always said that the idea [is] that we don’t want anyone attending to be scared to be there because of us,” Fey said. “It’s a party and it’s — in the grand scheme of the world, it couldn’t be less important and I think that’s what makes it fun.”

The Golden Globes will air…

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Celebrities In Red, White & Blue Bikinis: Kylie Jenner & More

Hollywood Life

Browse our gallery of the hottest celebs in their red, white and blue bikinis just in time for Fourth of July celebrations!

It’s bikini season and celebs are sizzling in their hot suits. The biggest stars — from Anna Kendrick to Kylie Jenner — are breaking out the red, white and blue bikinis in anticipation of the Fourth of July holiday! Check out this sexy gallery of celebs in their bikinis and vote for the hottest!

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Best Movie Couples Of All-Time: Gus & Hazel, Edward & Bella & More

Hollywood Life

They’re the movie couples we can’t forget. From ‘Fault In Our Stars’ heartbreaking Gus & Hazel to ‘Titanic’s’ timeless Jack & Rose, browse our gallery of the best movie couples of all-time and vote for your favorite!

You’ve cried over these movie couples, laughed with them, sang along with them, but now it’s time to decide: Who is THE best movie couple of all-time? Is it Twilight’s immortal couple Edward and Bella or is it The Fault in Our Stars’ cancer-stricken and star-crossed lovers Gus and Hazel? It’s up to you to decide who walks away as the winner of the best movie couple of all-time. Choose wisely and may the odds be ever in your favorite couple’s favor.

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Pan-Mass Challenge To Partner With WBZ-TV, myTV38 & CBSBoston.com

CBS Boston

[worldnow id=9626036 width=385 height=288 type=video]

BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ-TV, sister-station myTV38 (WSBK-TV), and CBSBoston.com will join the Pan-Mass Challenge, the largest single athletic fundraiser in the country, as its official media partner, starting in 2014.

The Pan-Mass challenge brings New Englanders together for the first weekend of August every year, as spectators watch thousands of bikers go the distance to fight cancer.

There are six two-day routes that range from 153 to 190 miles and five one-day rides that range from 25 to 110 miles.

Cyclists are required to raise between $500 and $5,000 to ride in the PMC, depending on the chosen route.

Billy Starr, the PMC Founder and Executive Director, said that the race demonstrates how capable people can be when they work together for a cause.

“We’ve seen tremendous progress in cancer research,” Starr told WBZ-TV.

“As always, our goal is to increase ridership as well…

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AMAs Worst Dressed 2013: See The Weirdest & Wackiest Looks

Hollywood Life

You saw the best, now check out the worst looks from the show & VOTE for who you think donned the absolute worst get-up of the night.

The 2013 American Music Awards treated fans to a star-studded red carpet — but that doesn’t mean everyone dressed to impress for the big night! While we saw a slew of gorgeous gowns and stylish minis, the red carpet was also crowded with ill-fitting ensembles, busy dresses, and loud looks — what were these stars thinking?! Browse the weirdest & wackiest dresses from the AMAs, see who missed the mark, and VOTE for who you think donned the worst get-up of the night.

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The Best Performances at the 2013 AMAs

99.7 [NOW!]

By Kevin Rutherford

The American Music Awards don’t tend to bring in much of a captive audience beyond the night itself; while the GRAMMYs and, lately, the MTV Video Music Awards tend to have something to talk about around the water cooler the next few days, the AMAs mostly underwhelm, with hit-or-miss performances that are sometimes fun in the moment and awards that everyone forgets the next day.

The latter instance may still ring true — quick, if you watched last night, name one winner of a category — but to the AMAs’ credit, it spawned quite a few performances that folks might remember moving forward. Hey, it’s a start.

Photo Gallery: The 2013 American Music Awards

The AMAs honored a bevy of culturally relevant artists Sunday (Nov. 24), many of them not even from America. One Direction took home trophies for Favorite Pop/Rock Group and Album. Sweden’s Avicii is…

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Fire Spreads To Several Row Homes In Delaware County

CBS Philly

[worldnow id=9569124 width=400 height=300 type=video]

SHARON HILL, Pa. (CBS) — A fast-moving fire destroyed five homes in Delaware County Monday.

The fire started shortly before 10 a.m. in the 1500 block of Roosevelt Drive in Sharon Hill.

According to fire officials, the fire started inside a row home and spread to several neighboring homes.

When firefighters arrived, they encountered heavy smoke and flames billowing from the homes.

The frigid temperatures and the intensity of the fire were a major hindrance for the firefighters. Firefighters were eventually able to bring the blaze under control, but not before it destroyed five homes. The Red Cross says at least nine people have been displaced.

Alan McCall, whos home was destroyed in the blaze, says, “My house is gone.”

Luckily, his son was already in school when the fire began. He says, “My wife and I were not in there and we’re glad to…

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